Vaginal tightening surgery in Jaipur

Vaginal tightening, also known as, Vaginoplasty, is vaginal rejuvenation. It is performed to tighten the inside of the vagina lining and the vaginal opening by removing excessive tissue. It effectively reduces the diameter of the vagina and cures women who are conscious of the vaginal enlargement post the child-birth. We at Rejuvenna Cosmo care have a team of professionals that are experts in performing Vaginal tightening surgery in Jaipur.

Vaginal Tightening surgery in Jaipur at Rejuvenna

Cosmo Care:
Women underwent child birth through the natural process have an issue of the loose vagina and are unable to enjoy their sex life like before. However, with advanced medical science, Vaginal tightening surgery is possible. Childbirth usually leads to expansion of vaginal muscles, which gets weakens the canal. Apart from childbirth, another reason for vaginal loosening is the aging of female, hence it also leads to dissatisfaction and other sexual problems. Vaginal tightening surgery in Jaipur. tightens the vaginal opening and hence increase sexual satisfaction in females, thus leading to a more satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Why have Vaginal tightening or Vaginoplasty

• To reconstruct Vagina
• To tighten the vaginal muscle so as t enjoy sexual intercourse
• To correct if there are any congenital defects in the vagina

The Rejuvenna cosmo care is well equipped with technology and hence use advanced laser techinques so as to give minimum pain to your sensitive parts. We also assist you with the female nurses so as to keep u at comfort. Post-surgery, it is advicable to not have sexual intercourse for 6-7 weeks, so as to allow the tissue to heal properly.

Complication involved:

• Infection
• Bleeding
• Scarring

However, not every woman prefer undergoing vaginal tightening surgery. Though who prefers have following concerns:

• To enhance the appearance of the Vagina
• To have a better sexual life
• Doesn’t want to get pregnant again and give childbirth through normal delivery

About Rejuvenna Cosmo Care

Being one of the premium clinics in Jaipur, RejuvenaCosmo care is a one stop for all your cosmetic and hormonal disorder surgery needs. We are one of the well-knownclinics that provide expert and professional services on vaginal tightening in Jaipur. With our expert consultants, take a positive step towards the vaginal surgery decision keeping aside all your dual thoughts. We provide the best comprehensive process, right from the initial stage of a patient’s walk in till the treatment is done and the positive results are shown.