Direct Hair Transplant in Jaipur


Hair is an important feature to determine one’s appearance and look. Therefore, everyone wants shining and smooth hair. Many young, as well as old individuals, experience baldness. It is an effect of an unhealthy eating regime, excessive stress, exposure to pollution, etc.

Dust, pollution, junk food, etc., damages hair causing hair fall and baldness. Hence, people opt for Direct hair transplant in Jaipur to get natural and younger-looking hair.

There are several best hair transplant clinics in Jaipur which offer the best and effective hair transplant surgery in Jaipur. Dr Deepesh Goyal’s Rejuvena Cosmo Care has the best and innovative technology for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


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Before opting for a hair transplant in Jaipur.


Let’s First Know the Different Types of Hair Transplant Techniques :

Hair transplantation is a surgical method that includes moving hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor area’ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient area.’

1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Image for FUT

Previously surgeons widely used the FUT hair transplant method. It takes more time to heal as it is an invasive procedure, is painful, and leaves behind an ugly thin linear scar in your donor site.









2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction

Now, surgeons extensively use techniques comprising the FUE hair transplant method. It allows the extraction of individual hair directly from the donor area and implanting the hair in the recipient area.

Hence, FUE hair transplant in Jaipur is considered the most effective treatment for people suffering from baldness.









3. Direct Hair Implant (DHI)

Direct Hair Implant

DHI is the most innovative, advanced, and effective hair restoration technique. DHI is an intricate technique that includes the proper distribution of hair from areas of abundance to parts of the head where the hair loss is more and visible without pain and no stitches.






Now let’s know about the cost of this advanced DHI Technique,

What is the DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur?

The DHI hair transplant cost in Jaipur depends on various factors. Some of the parameters affecting the hair transplant price are:

  • Size of the recipient zone.
  • The technique of hair transplant performed.
  • The number of sessions required.
  • Experience of the hair transplant surgeon performing the procedure.
  • Quality of hair and desired density.

People from Jaipur and other remote areas come to Jaipur for hair transplant treatment as they get high-quality treatment at an affordable price from the best hair transplant surgeon.

The success rate of hair transplant is high, and hence you won’t get disappointed once you get treatment from here as the hair transplant price in Jaipur is relatively reasonable.

Let’s see,

How is the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Performed?

Direct Hair Implantation

DHI is an advanced version of the FUE hair transplant technique and follows a similar method. Our surgeon will extract hair follicles from one part of your head, usually the back of your scalp, and transplant them into balding sites. These hair follicles will ultimately grow into new healthy hairs.

Here’s what you can typically expect during the procedure:


  1. Our surgeon will usually shave your scalp and administer local anaesthesia to numb it.
  2. The surgeon will further extract hair follicles from the back of your scalp using a fine tip tool.
  3. Our surgeon will load the hair follicles into a pen-shaped tool and implant them into the balding region of your scalp.
  4. The surgeon will use an antibiotic cream and apply a dressing to all sites.



DHI technique usually takes around 8 hours to finish the process. But the accurate time can vary depending on the number of hair follicles transplanted. It can take 12 to 18 months to get the full results of the transplant.


Benefits of DHI : 

  • It gives 100% natural results as we transplant your hair.
  • It is a painless procedure; even the blood loss is significantly less.
  • Since it is performed manually, the depth, angle, and hair arrangement can provide much denser hair growth.
  • In a direct hair transplant, the instruments, needles, etc., are for single use only and disposable, ensuring a high amount of safety.

Book your consultation with Dr. Deepesh Goyal and get to know all the details about your hair transplant treatment, including the cost.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Does the DHI give natural and permanent results?

DHI ensures 100% natural results, and the implanted hair grows for the rest of your life. DHI’s gives your hairline design, distribution, and natural look. As a result of our scientific research and extensive training, we implant each hair follicle with a specific angle, depth, and direction.


2. How effective is a DHI hair transplant?

A Direct Hair Implantation is a very safe method with a low risk of side-effects. It provides a higher survival rate to your hair.


3. When can one go for their first haircut after the DHI session?

You can get a haircut done 15 to 20 days after the DHI procedure.