Scalp Rejuvenation

The condition of the hair is directly related to the health and quality of the blood & organs responsible for cleaning the blood, especially the kidneys. Toxins in the blood (such as excess sweets, oils and acidity) create excess Fire in the blood. This excess energy escapes from the body through the head, causing damage to the hair follicles & resulting in greying hair and hair loss.

Mesotherapy is another successful procedure for increasing hair growth. In this treatment, doctors inject vitamins, growth factors and proteins into the scalp. These are injected into a layer inside the skin, called the mesoderm. It is a link between the fat layers and skin tissues. This helps hair growth by increasing the growth of hair follicles, increasing blood distribution, and triggering cell metabolism. The treatment is also used for brightening skin by infusing vitamin c, glutathione and hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid and other firming agents.