Gynaecomastia Treatment in Jaipur


Gynecomastia has been derived from Greek words that mean “ladies like breast”. The medical team Gynecomastia refers to enlargement of tissues in male breast. About 40-60% of men suffer from varying degrees of gynecomastia. It can be caused due to various reasons, including a condition associated with disease or metabolic disorders or due to decrease in testosterone production.

Surgical procedure of male breast reduction can help patients to get desired breast size. This can be accomplished by surgically removing tissues from breast area. Liposuction procedure can also be followed. In this procedure, a thin tube is inserted in a specific area through small cuts (Which do not leave obvious scars) to suck out the greasy tissues. After the suction, the cuts are sutured in such a way to help give a firmer and better shape to the midsection. Fasteners, if used for the cuts are dissolvable and do not leave scars. The specifications of the procedure vary according to each patient, but the procedure usually takes about 1-3 hours and is done under local anaesthesia. In majority cases, the patients are cleared to go home the same day.

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