Gynaecomastia Surgeon in Jaipur

Male breast/Man boobs in medical are termed as Gynaecomastia. It usually includes breast enlargement in man’s breast. Often a common condition in men, Gynaecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalance or obesity. Rejuvenna Cosmo care is one of the leading hospitals and has the best Gynaecomastia surgeon in Jaipur. on board. With men having bulging chest, our experts are there to take care of it via the most optimum treatment. Male breast enlargement is usually a major concern for males as it makes their appearance bulgy and also makes them feel embarrassed.

Following are the symptoms that indicate a male having Gynaecomastia and needs surgery for the treatment:

• Puffy nipples
• Bulging chest
• Fat deposit in the chest area
• Lump in the chest

The most common treatment for Gynaecomastia is by surgery which includes making a small incision around the lower half of the nipple areola area. This small incision heals in few days post-surgery and the scar marks fade away in few weeks to few months.

Complications associated with Gynaecomastia

With every surgery there are associated few complications. However, not majot, there are still a few complications associated with male breast surgery. Few among them are:
• Swelling of chest
• Blood mixed fluid secretion
• Blood collection in the skin forming a lump
• Bluish color of skin post liposuction
• Asymmetry in chest shape and size
• Infection
• Allergic reaction to any of the anesthesia
• Temporary loss of breast sensation or numbness

Post surgery, males are advised to wear special garments, which are usually elastic in nature and cotton in the material so as to comfort the part underwent surgery and improve the healing. Also, it helps minimize pain.

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