Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrows shape the face and can make a huge difference to how we feel about ourselves. Overplucking, illness, trauma, scarring and genetics can all leave the area thin or non-existent. Transplantation is a permanent, revolutionary way to address the problem using the most advanced and innovative methods.
At The Private Clinic we are thrilled to work with some of the world’s most experienced hair restoration experts. Their expertise and knowledge on minimally-invasive hair transplantation means an increasing number of people are able to achieve thicker, natural-looking brows without scarring or extensive downtime.
The Procedure
Eyebrow hair transplantation uses hair from a donor area (commonly behind the ears) of the head which is extracted hair-by-hair. Your surgeon will then discreetly transplant each individual hair (compelte with follicle and necessary elements) into your chosen shape. Performed under local anaesthetic, the treatment is minimally-invasive and carries minimal risk of any form of scarring or marks.