Ear Repair Surgery

Due to some reason ear repair surgery may be required to correct the damaged ear. It could be a case of repair of torn ear, split ear repair surgery, reconstructive ear surgery, repair of enlarged ear hole, ear reshaping. Other terms used are torn ear repair surgery, split ear repair surgery etc.

The following could be the possible reasons for a torn earlobe, split ear, enlarged ear or elongated ear, Ear Keloid.

Reasons for Requiring a Earlobe Repair Surgery:

  • Heavy Earrings causing the hole in the earlobe to enlarge or cause ear split.

  • Over Sized Earrings causing the hole in the ear to enlarge or earlobe split.

  • Stretched ear due to either heavy earrings or any other reasons.

  • Violent Pulling Of Earrings From Ear – Earring Snatching attempt, Entanglement of Earring.

  • Ear Piercing – A Number of cases come with damaged ear and keloid.

  • Accident.

  • Sports Mishap like wrestling etc.

  • Congenital ear defect.

  • Some disease etc.

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