Stitchless Earlobe repair in Jaipur

Due to some reason ear repair surgery may be required to correct the damaged ear. It could be a case of repair of torn ear, split ear repair surgery, reconstructive ear surgery, repair of enlarged ear hole, ear reshaping. Other terms used are torn ear repair surgery, split ear repair surgery etc.

The following could be the possible reasons for a torn earlobe, split ear, enlarged ear or elongated ear, Ear Keloid.

Reasons for Requiring a Earlobe Repair Surgery:

  • Heavy Earrings causing the hole in the earlobe to enlarge or cause ear split.

  • Over Sized Earrings causing the hole in the ear to enlarge or earlobe split.

  • Stretched ear due to either heavy earrings or any other reasons.

  • Violent Pulling Of Earrings From Ear – Earring Snatching attempt, Entanglement of Earring.

  • Ear Piercing – A Number of cases come with damaged ear and keloid.

  • Accident.

  • Sports Mishap like wrestling etc.

  • Congenital ear defect.

  • Some disease etc.

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Stichless Earlobe repair in Jaipur

The ear lobe repair, also known as auroplasty, is an out-patient procedure and is performed on individuals having stretched/tear ear lobule. The common cause of this is heavy earrings and the other reasons include accidental traction injury. The typical ear piercing increase in diameter after a certain time because of the weight of the heavy earrings or other reasons. Earlobe surgery is done to reduce this size. We at Rejuvenna Cosmo care have a team of experts and are known for stichless earlobe repair in Jaipur.

Stichless Earlobe repair in Jaipur

The procedure is painless and is performed under local anesthesia. It involves the reduction of the enlarged hole. The skin edges of the enlarged holes are shaved off to create new raw edges. These edges are then further processed to recreate an intact ear lobe. Wearing earrings are not recommended for the time being as the spot is weak and the dressing is also applied. The discomfort in the whole process is minimal.

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Post Earlobe surgery

The earlobe cut underwent surgery is filled and healed post-surgery and the scar is barely noticeable after a certain period of time. The piercing can be done again once the ear lobe becomes strong enough. The duration can be anywhere from 3-6 months.