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July 21, 2017
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Do you still think that you have to live with your tattoo for the rest of life…No if you don’t love your tattoo now, you can remove tattoo from your body with the advancement in LASER technology and science.

There are so many false myths for laser tattoo removal in tattoo industry, which create a very big mental pain for audience who want to remove their tattoos. So here is the list of some facts and myths about tattoo removal:


Myth 1: Tattoo ink goes very deep

Fact: This myth is totally false; tattoo ink only penetrates into the dermis, which is a layer just after the outer layer of your skin.  This is done in order to avoid the tattoo from being disturbed when your epidermis (the outer layer of skin) sheds and renews itself over time. Professional tattoo artists avoid placing tattoo ink below the dermis because of the scar that would be created distorts their art.


Myth 2: Tattoo removal can cause skin damage

Fact: Laser tattoo Removal is not now a day’s unsafe process if it is handled by a professional and experience plastic and cosmetic surgeon. They targets the ink of tattoo not your skin. When they start penetrating the ink, the ink particles are started breaking down and your body discards the ink automatically.  So it’s a myth that tattoo removal can cause your skin damage.


Myth 3: Tattoo removal is a long process

Fact: The time and duration of the tattoo removal process depends completely on factors like the amount of ink, number of colors and depth of ink of your tattoo, and your skin tone, overall health and commitment to the process. While the removal of ink was once a process that typically took a year or more, technological innovation has led to a sharp decline in the number of treatments it takes to completely remove a tattoo.


Myth 4: Tattoo removal is very painful

Fact: Treatments for LASER Tattoo removal is not painful. This is a very simple procedure done by skin specialist or cosmetic surgeon very carefully and painless.


Myth 5: Tattoo removal will leave a scar

Fact: With the correct laser and an experienced surgeon scarring is extremely rare. Make sure that the laser used is a good Laser and equipped with latest technology. ). Hair removal lasers should never be used in tattoo removal.


So above myths and facts are explained for Laser tattoo removal. Dr Deepesh Goyal is best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Jaipur  is doing procedures for Laser Tattoo Removal in Jaipur.  You call to 09024445544 or mail us on .

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