An Introduction to Earlobe Repair Surgery and its Techniques

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July 28, 2017
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An Introduction to Earlobe Repair Surgery and its Techniques

What is an earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair is a surgical process for people with stretched earlobes as a result of a ‘tribal’ ear piercing, also known as a “flesh tunnel”. Tribal ear piercing is performed by gradually increasing the diameter of the piercing in the earlobe with continuously expanded diameter rings. Split Earlobe Repair is a procedure that Rejuvena Cosmo Care provides for an earlobe which has torn entirely, as a result of overstretching or accidental tearing.

Earlobe Repair Surgery :  Dr. Deepesh Goyal offers Earlobe Repair for torn or split earlobes. Ear piercings are common among both male and female; however put earlobes at risk for tears. Stretching of the earlobes is based often on the size, style and weight of an earring.

Split earlobes can be easily repaired surgically. The procedure requires local anesthetic.  Once the earlobe is repaired, it can be re-pierced of you like.

Earlobe repair techniques:

  • Earlobe repair with stitches.
  • Earlobe repair without stitches (By the use of surgical glue)
  1. Earlobe surgery with stitches

Earlobe surgery is a generally performed minor procedure.  Surgical options depend on a patient’s aesthetic concerns and clinical presentation.

Different types of cosmetic earlobe surgery?

  • Repair of elongated or torn piercing tracts.
  • Earlobe reduction
  • Reconstruction following removal of earlobe spacers
  1. Earlobe repair with advance stitch less techniques which is more comfortable and less painful for the patients. Stitch less earlobe repair by the use of surgical glue. No stitches, no need to cut partial slit in to complete slit, no pain and normal in a week. Ear lobe repair surgery makes a person more confident and good looking.

If you feel that you’re stretched or split earlobes are affecting your appearance, social life and career then choose Rejuvena Cosmo Care. Dr. Deepesh Goyal offers best Earlobe repair in Jaipur. Call us on +91-9024445544 to book your appointment and earlobe repair with renowned plastic surgeon.

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